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Jack Plesser

Jack Plesser uses his speed, length and athleticism to outrun the opposing team and get buckets. Jack’s improved shooting from the outside is turning him into an even tougher defensive assignment. He can pull up on a dime for floaters in the lane, knock down a mid-range jumper and stretch the floor with three pointers.

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Justyn Davis

Justyn Davis is a talented outside shooter that also has the ability to make good things happen around the basket. His quick release shooting mechanics keep the defender off balance, as they need to play higher up. Justyn understands angles and will use that to his advantage in setting up the shot. His shot has a high arc so he can get clean looks in the lane. He has great length for rebounding.

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Kyle Hoffman

Kyle Hoffman is a long and athletic player that can do it all. His dynamic offensive skill set includes consistent outside shooting, mid-range shooting, slashing to the rim and going coast to coast. Defensively Kyle impacts the game with deflections, rejections and rebounds in large crowds. He threw down his first dunk as an 8th grader and the sky is the limit.

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Griffin Harding

Griffin Harding is a big, strong kid who shoots from the outside with efficiency. The combination of size and shooting allows him to stretch the floor, square up defenders and attack openings in the defense as available. Griffin is able to use his size to battle down low and grab tough rebounds.

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Kevin Hyzy

Kevin Hyzy is a playmaker from the perimeter. Over the years Kevin's effectiveness as a ball-dominant guard has developed due to his improvements in physicality and decision-making. He can take you off the dribble to the rim, off the dribble for a pull-up jump shot or with a catch and shoot coming off the ball. Kevin has become an efficient all-around playmaker that can also draw in the defense and then find the open teammate.

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Axel Fine

Axel Fine is a coach on the floor. He sees the strategy of the game in real-time while in the middle of the action, and at a higher level than many coaches. Axel is a tough competitor with great floor vision and passing skills. He has a strong build that he uses to create space when reeling in rebounds. Axel can put it on the floor and also knock down the open outside shot.

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Tate Mahoney

Tate Mahoney is a tall knock down shooter that hits over 40% from three point range. More recently -- Tate has become a dynamic scorer unafraid to put the ball on the floor, pull up mid-range or finish at the rim. He has become an active defender who can rebound. The combination of Tate's high basketball IQ and lethal shooting range make him a player to watch over the next few high school basketball seasons.

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Evan Koerner

Evan Kozdeba

Evan Kozdeba, AKA “Baby Westbrook,” attacks the game with fearless play-making ability. Evan is an explosive athlete with jaw-dropping change-of-speed agility at the guard position. He is more of a ‘combo guard’ because of an equal threat to score and distribute. Evan fills up the stat sheet with points, rebounds, assists and steals.

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Jack Petrafesa

Jack Petrafesa is a high energy player which allows him to impact the game on both ends of the court. Defensively, he is a “ball hawk,” in constant motion with a mindset of disrupting rhythm and stealing the basketball. In transition, Jack can see the floor and run the lanes. His wide-ranging offensive skills include outside shooting, mid-range jumpers and strong penetration to the rim.

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Charlie Began

Charlie Began is like a “swiss army knife” of skills as he can do just about anything on the basketball court. He’s a strong kid who looks to facilitate, which is why Charlie’s teammates love to play with him. In addition to terrific passing skills — Charlie can shoot, ball-handle and dribble drive.

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