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Commitment & Basic Expectations


For a basketball team to be successful, ALL of its players must have good attendance and be on time. These are the basics to building any successful team. We understand there will be rare conflicts, but by and large the expectation is that you view the Fierce as a priority.


There are times to be laid back and have fun, but there is no chance at building team chemistry without a full commitment from each player to all team events. The Fierce is the right fit for young adults passionate about competition, individual growth and team development.


The mission of the Fairfield Fierce Basketball Club is to deliver a meaningful youth sports experience for all players, parents and coaches involved with our program. The Fierce Approach is driven by the mindset of what is best for the team. We believe that each player is best served by this commitment to teamwork. Consistency in our approach is essential for every team and every season.

Practices, Playing Time & Philosophy


All Fierce teams practice at least twice per week, typically in the later afternoon or evening. Practice attendance is mandatory. Players should notify their coaches as far in advance as possible of any upcoming absences.


Opportunity is earned and playing time is determined in practice. If you can’t do it in practice then you can’t do it in the game. Coaches are encouraged to play those players who they believe offer their team the best chance for success, and who have consistently demonstrated in practice a positive attitude and commitment to the team. Basketball is a privilege and each player should remain supportive in whatever role they are asked to embrace by their coach.


With the Fierce – it is counter-productive when parents make statements such as “but Timmy is already doing the things you want in his other Leagues” or “Timmy needs more practice in the actual games” or “other players are making the same mistakes in the games.” You get the point.


We have a firm closed practices policy (no parents), and the majority of parents appreciate the benefits of this policy. The more private environment facilitates team bonding and player independence as a vehicle for improvement across the board. We philosophically believe the policy is in the best interests of our player development.

Games & Tournaments


Each Fierce team typically participates in somewhere between 5-8 tournaments per AAU season. There are some times consecutive weeks of practice without tournament play – but practice attendance is still expected. Most AAU tournaments involve 3-4 weekend games; which are played at different locations throughout Connecticut and the New York area. With enough interest and as performance merits, teams may enter tournaments at further distances outside of New England that can involve more significant travel and overnight stay.


In addition to spring and fall AAU, Fairfield Fierce teams also often participate in summer leagues, camps and clinics together.

Team Rules


Violation of any of the below Rules may result in dismissal from the program:


  • No drug or alcohol use
  • Players must be dressed appropriately for practices and games
  • Players should be ready to play 20 minutes prior to any game and 10 minutes prior to any practice
  • Parents should notify the coach of any upcoming absences
  • Players are not allowed to play on any other formal basketball team during the season (school team is ok)
  • Players will not complain with the referees
  • Players should sprint to help up any teammate on the ground
  • Players on the bench should high-five any player coming out of the game
  • Players must congratulate the other team after the game on a hard-fought game regardless of the outcome or happenings within the game itself


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