Travel Basketball In Stratford, Ct

Boys Travel Basketball in Stratford, CT

The town of Stratford is a major part of our basketball program.

Over the years as the Fierce brand has expanded, basketball-minded Stratford families have enthusiastically joined our program. These players have returned season after season to hone their skills and enjoy the experience with new friends.

Whether you play Stratford travel basketball, with a Stratford church team such as St. Mark’s, or with one of the competitive Stratford school teams — we have a basketball program for you.

High School Class of 2021

  • Henry Dorvil, Bunnell High School

High School Class of 2022

  • Andrew Soltis, St. Joseph’s High School

High School Class of 2023

  • Julian Marottolo, Bunnell High School

High School Class of 2024

  • Ezra Fearon, Hopkins School

High School Basketball in Stratford, CT

High Schools in Stratford, CT with focused basketball programs:

Basketball Courts in Stratford, CT

Other places to play basketball in Stratford, CT: